6 Heart Healing Activities

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Our heart lies at the center of so many things in our lives. From a physical standpoint, it’s important for the circulation of our blood, which in turn helps our organs get oxygen, nutrients, etc. Through bloodwork we can see most of what is going on in our bodies. On the other hand, we see our heart from an emotional standpoint, be it in love, adoration, compassion, etc. The reflections of how healthy our heart is can be seen in our physical, interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. The following activities may help to address issues of the heart on all levels.

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Physical Healing for Your Heart

In order to be able to experience the seemingly non-tangibles of the heart, we must ensure that our physical heart is healthy. We can do this by taking small steps daily through our food intake and exercise.

Foods For Heart Health

One of the ways we can keep our heart strong is to eat heart-healthy foods. Some foods can help us lower bad cholesterol and improve circulation which in turn helps to improve our overall health.

Lower Cholesterol

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Foods such as avocados, are high in healthy fats and phytosterols, which is the plant form of cholesterol. When consuming the average avocado, your body will take in the healthier plant cholesterol which helps to remove the bad cholesterol while also protecting your heart and arteries.

Consuming as much as 1/2 an ounce apple cider vinegar (ACV) regularly for at least 8 weeks, as mentioned here, can also help to reduce cholesterol levels through helping to break down the harmful fats in the body. Usually, ACV is taken with an 8-ounce glass of water or mixed in other ways such as how I’ve done it here.

Eating a serving of nuts such as walnuts, amongst others are also helpful for your cardiovascular health. They help to reduce LDL (low density lipids) cholesterol while providing other beneficial ingredients such as fiber.

(You can also try this Heart, Blood and Gut Healthy Drink (VIDEO) which can help lower cholesterol and is packed with antioxidants and more.)

Improve Circulation

There are a variety of foods and herbs that help to improve our overall blood circulation.

Consumption of ginseng berry extract has been shown to improve blood circulation by helping our bodies increase its nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide helps to expand the blood vessels allowing better blood flow. Beets can also help with this as well.

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Drinking water is not only beneficial in improving blood circulation, but also helps to keep a healthy blood volume, thus benefitting your overall health.

Insufficient blood circulation can also be the result of a variety of conditions such as diabetes, smoking and heart conditions. In this case, wearing compression stockings can help. They are usually recommended by a doctor as part of your health regimen so check with them first before using them.

Exercises For Your Heart

Another way to keep your heart healthy is through movement. Getting regular, adequate exercise according to your health goals and needs is ideal to get the blood moving. According to this study, cardio exercise has been shown to strengthen the heart against stroke and heart attack. Long term, regular exercise also helps in improving blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. Therefore, it is recommended to engage in various activities which can help achieve this desired result.

High Energy Exercises

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring; activities such as playing soccer, basketball, dancing, aerobics and/or jump roping can be fun! It’s always best to do what you can within your limits. Remember to consult your doctor prior to beginning any new health regimen.

Low Impact Exercises

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If you prefer to engage in movement that may not be as intense, options such as yoga (floor/chair), swimming and walking may be a better alternative.

Mental Health for Your Heart

It is not often we think of mental health affecting our physical health, but in reality, it all works together. Being able to address our emotional wounds, needs and removing stressful factors can help.

Reduce Stress

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We often cannot go through life without some form of stress whether it be through work, our environment (ex. pollution, trash, etc.), and/or social factors. It is well known that a variety of these stressors can affect our heart and even our circadian rhythm such as our sleep-wake cycles, when we eat, etc. When this happens, we can increase our risk for various heart diseases. Therefore, it is important that we take time to engage in de-stressing activities such as spending time in green spaces, breathwork, journaling, exercise and more.

(Check out my video on 7 Ways to Nurture Our Mental Health)

Forgive Yourself and Others

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Sometimes situations from events or people we experienced have left a nasty, lasting imprint on our emotions. It is no often that we may even replay them over and over in our head wondering if something different could have been done to alter the outcome. However, what we do know is that we cannot change the past.

One of the ways we can heal from this is forgiving those who may have done us wrong. It doesn’t have to be to their face, but in your own mind and heart. Another way is to forgive yourself from things you may not have known or even had the strength to do at the time. The most important thing is to be able to release the negativity.

(Check out Resources to Aid in Mental Wellness)


There are many ways we can keep our hearts healthy. Engaging in exercise activities, eating healthy, reducing stress and taking care of our overall mental health is key. When we focus on living a healthier lifestyle, regardless of where we are in our journey we always do ourselves the best of favors.

Remember to stay active in your self-care!
Much Love,
*~Netert Aset~*

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  1. I should probably get back into yoga so I can look after my health and heart better. It’s about the only thing I can manage doing with my exercise intolerance, due to my health issues. I probably should also start tracking my water intake again as well

  2. Thank you for the reminder of just how important our heart is, both in the physical sense and mental/emotional. I didn’t know about ginseng berry for heart health – maybe I will try that!

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