Overcoming Covid with Lupus & ESRD (VIDEO) | Health Story

Netert Aset, Black woman wearing pink top on the right with caption on the left: "Overcoming Covid w/ Lupus & ESRD".

Since 2019 countries worldwide had to deal with the reality and seriousness of the covid-19 virus. It has caused many to re-evaluate their health and adopt healthy habits to remain protected from the virus. Such habits included improved hygiene through hand washing, disinfecting homes and offices, wearing masks, etc. Individuals with co-morbidities (chronic health conditions) were instructed to be extra careful by reducing time spent in crowded spaces in addition to improved hygiene practices.

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Yet, despite adopting these measures, the virus continued to mutate becoming stronger and finding new ways of surviving. Because of this, it is possible that we can experience new/unique symptoms and not only because we are all different.

Netert Aset, Black woman wearing pink top on with quote above: "Overcoming Covid w/ Lupus & ESRD".

Overcoming Covid with Lupus & End Stage Renal Disease | Health Story

The following is my story overcoming covid while having 2 co-morbidities, lupus and end stage renal disease. The symptoms were not the usual ones that we are most familiar with. This happened from the end of April 2023 to early May 2023. Let me know in the comments if you or someone you know is able to relate to my experience or had a similar one.

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Did you have non-typical covid symptoms like I did?

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