Holistic Kemetic Healing: Ra Sekhi Arts Interview (VIDEO)

Image of Rekhit Kajara Nebethet smiling facing towards the sun with both hands raised in front of her chest, one more forward than the other. She is wearing a white dress with a red sash tied to her waist.

Our health journey can encompass more than just the use of medicines/herbs. As was done in the past, nearly worldwide, healing involved not only targeting the physical symptoms, but also incorporating mental and spiritual methods. The holistic, whole person, approach was naturally accepted, and is once again becoming utilized as part of the norm, including some integrative doctors.

This is how, Rekhit Kajara Nebethet, who has been healing people for over 15 years. In an interview with Thrivers Inspire Healing, she shares how she utilizes a variety of methods to aid in her clients’ healing journey. Her most famous is Ra Sekhi (Kemetic Reiki), which entails the use of energy to target ailments in the body. She also implements nutrition, herbs, sound healing, meditations, exercises and more to ensure her clients are targeting disease from all angles. She is also the author of over 10 books for children and adults alike and regularly hosts classes and retreats.

Please enjoy Rekhit Kajara Nebethet’s personal story becoming a healer and helping others in our interview below.


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