4 Fun At-Home Self-Care Ideas For the Family

African American family cooking dinner together in the kitchen.

We all need a day where we can just unwind and focus on ourselves. It is not a luxury but a necessity as the benefits of taking time for self are numerous. Self-care involves doing the things that help to maintain and enhance your health; physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.

The beautiful thing about taking care of our being is we don’t always have to do this alone if we don’t want to. In fact, doing it together with family and/or friends can help increase positive bonds and create awesome memories. Here are four ways self-care can be incorporated together with family.

African American family cooking a healthy meal in the kitchen with caption "4 Fun At-Home Self-Care Ideas For the Family:

Try A Healthy New Recipe

Yogurt with kiwi and chia seeds
Yogurt, kiwi and chia seeds. Image by gate74 from Pixabay

I recall one summer we went over my aunt’s house for her birthday party. She usually cooks for the entire family every holiday and yes, the food wasn’t exactly the healthiest. However, one year she surprised us and tried all new healthy recipes that WE ALL enjoyed.

This may be something you can do. It doesn’t have to be for a holiday or special occasion but something for a weekend or a day when everyone is free. Make it a day where everyone can pitch in to help make a portion of the dish or a multitude of dishes. You never know, one of these foods may end up being included in future events if it is well-received. Be sure to take into account any allergies or health goals. Some ideas may be:

    • Gluten-Free Breakfast Pancakes
    • Dinner with healthier oils to cook such as avocado, olive or grapeseed.
    • Meatless Mondays
    • Vegan Dessert

Spa Day for the Parents/Children

White woman with brunette hair and brown and white plaid shirt drying off another white woman's feet with blue jeans rolled up in a foot bath/massager.
Photo by Stephanie Allen

Spa day is not just for a fun girls’ trip. Anyone can participate. With family it can be a day where the children are the spa caretakers of the parents and then another day where the parents offer a spa day for the children. I have seen this trend before with parents and I think it’s the cutest thing. I wish I had that. Lol But I also think it instills a sense of purpose in children to remember to take care of themselves. Some ways you can incorporate a fun spa day are:

    •  DIY sensitive skin face masks
    • Foot soaks using Epsom salt or simply a few drops of essential oil such as lavender, to a gallon bucket/ foot tub of water.
    •  Doing each other’s hair

(If you are interested in keeping up a regular self-care routine, check out 7 Ways To Keep Up With New Healthy Habits.)

Guided Meditation

African American woman with long braids tied back, sitting in a lotus pose (cross-legged) on the ground with hands on knees, palms up and eyes closed. She's wearing a peach-colored tank top with black pants.

A good meditation the family can do together may be a nice, short, guided meditation. Guided meditations are usually designed to help relieve stress, clear your mind and relax your body. It can be led by one individual who is setting the tone through description of calm scenery while coaching everyone to breathe, relax, etc. Such audios can be found here for inspiration if no one wants to lead.


Mixed family of four; mother, father, daughter and son, playing soccer outside in jean jackets, sweaters and pants.
Family Playing Soccer Photo by Kampus Production:

There are many exercises that can be done together as a family. I used to enjoy aerobics with my mom in the early mornings. But if aerobics are not for everyone in the family you can still engage in work-outs for people of all ages. Chair exercises exist for people who cannot do standing movements. Outdoor sports such as soccer or basketball as well as walking and dance are also great to get the blood flowing.

(Check out my interview with Queen Amen 74 Years Young Nurse Secrets To Healthy Energetic Lifestyle) .

Be sure to consult your qualified healthcare provider prior to beginning any new health regimens.

Remember to stay active in your self-care!
Much Love,
*~Netert Aset~*

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