Exercise Weights w/ Lupus & Kidney Disease (VIDEO)

Netert Aset, an African American woman wearing a black workout long-sleeve top with pink, black and white yoga pants laying on her belly on an exercise machine doing leg curls.

One of the things people have to consider when it comes to chronic illness is the additional challenges that can come with it. For me, it has actually been an issue to gain weight. My goal is to reach my normal weight of 115lbs. I’m currently around 102lbs. This is actually progress from when I first got sick (I was 95lbs then).

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Considering the somewhat restrictive eating regimen I have for myself due to the end stage renal disease (check out my story here); I have to figure out ways to eat enough and achieve my goals. For example, I must consume the right kinds and amount of food to have sufficient energy not only for daily tasks but for my exercises I do six days a week (weights and yoga alternating).

(Check out Aug 2022 yoga sequence video here.)

Here is the second video as part of my Exercise & Gains Series. This one highlights the exercises using weights for this month. Enjoy! 🙂


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