Lessons Learned Going Into 2022

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2021 has been quite the ride for many people. It seems it was a year of many setbacks of important lessons for some. For others it was a time where the cloud of abundance bursted giving way to blessings received.

Either way, it was yet another year to remember when it came to health. We were forced to pay closer attention to our bodies by noticing symptoms and how we feel. Conversations on how to best take care of ourselves by protecting our bodies, especially our immune systems, from the highly contagious virus was another big focus.

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It was also a challenge between our personal social circles and expanding where we had to, in some sense, look out for each other’s wellbeing. From the elderly to disabled to the immune compromised and more, looking out for each other was one of the ultimate tests of humanity. How do you think we did?

This further gave light to our mental health focus. It came by way of so many dealing with the loss of loved ones. In some places, due to the effect of the virus, we were being forced to quarantine and deal with lockdowns (which is unnatural way of living for socially predisposed creatures) to help with the overall health of humanity. In reality we were face to face with a possibility of something strong enough to wipe out our existence.

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All these factors are more than enough to warrant all types of fears, anxieties and frustrations. Therefore, it elicited diving deeper into solutions catering to our mental wellbeing such as this that helped us to at least deal with the situation better.

2021 gave us many surprises pleasant and unpleasant. It forced us to re-evaluate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. I hope that between the stories, research and inspiration provided on Thrivers Inspire Healing blog here and our social platforms (Fb, Insta, Pin, Twitter, YouTube), you found something to help guide you to possible solutions on your healing and self-care journey.

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Remember you don’t have to do it alone.

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What lessons did you learn from 2021 to take into 2022?

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