Happy New Year 2021: Inspiration and Focus!

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Happy New Year To All You Beautiful Survivors, Thrivers and Healers!

Wow, 2020 has been one heck of a ride for some and a prosperous year for others. We made it and for that we can express gratitude; one of the best feelings to have. Let us give thanks for life, for our breath, for our ability to think and just to be able to see another day…as each day we are given the chance to do better for ourselves and each other.

The New Year is a common time for many people to make new resolutions for self-improvement. Be it a new weight/exercise program, a new mental health regimen or simply wanting a fresh start with old goals, Thrivers Inspire Healing has some helpful resources to get you going and keep you focused. If you are looking for ideas on ways to help improve yourself in all aspects of your life for the new year then please check out:

*~-7 Ways To Keep Up With New Healthy Habits
*~-19 Constructive And Healthy Activities To Do At Home
*~-How To Ensure Self-Care With A Vision Board
*~-5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Immune System Boosted and Healthy

Also, you can join Thrivers Inspire Healing Community private support group here to connect with others who are also on their journeys.

Let us also take the time to remember and reflect on the beautiful memories of those we have lost. Let us remember the fun times and good feelings we shared with them; the hugs, laughs, caring hearts and loving moments. If you are a spiritual person, be sure to light a candle in their memory and take comfort in that they can very well be your guides and protectors on the other side.

Image by Stefan Nyffenegger from Pixabay

Thrivers Inspire Healing has many beautiful things in store for 2021 including health educational videos, video interviews and blog submissions with Survivors, Thrivers and Healers. We are always open to sharing your story which can be instrumental to helping others know that they are not alone in what they are going through and possibly help to save a life. You can share yours here (you can remain anonymous if you wish).

Here are some healing stories to help inspire your healing journey (not the comprehensive list):
*~-How I Removed Dairy To Greatly Reduce Lupus Autoimmune Symptoms
*~-Woman Stops Excessive Menstrual Bleeding With This Technique (No Surgery)
*~- Yoga: Releasing Emotional Trauma and Stress Stored In The Body
*~-How Mental Health Therapy Helped My Healing Journey

I appreciate all of you who read, follow, share articles, comment and continue to support Thrivers Inspire Healing’s endeavor to help others thrive in their lives. I look forward to a prosperous 2021 and as always:

Remember to stay active in your self-care!
Much Love,
*~Netert Aset~*

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