19 Constructive and Healthy Activities To Do At Home

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At the time of this article, the Covid-19 (also know as Coronavirus) pandemic has been rampant. We’ve been instructed by governments worldwide to practice “social distancing” (which is really “physical distancing” as we have ways to keep in touch electronically) and only going out for essential work, food shopping or medical appointments.

During situations like these, we are forced to stay home and confront our relationship with self and immediate household members be it family/friends. This prompts us to go inward, meaning we work on ourselves by getting to know who we are, review our goals, personal development and more. We also get the opportunity to work on our relationships with family.

One may think that doing self work is limited to just meditation or affirmations, however there is so much more that can be done that allows you to have the opportunity to make the most of this time of physical separation and travel advisory.

Here are 19 ways you can rid yourself of boredom and be constructive in order to keep your sanity in no particular order:

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Start A Garden. There are many types of gardens, there are those meant for eating and those meant for decorative reasons such as attracting birds, butterflies or providing food for bees. Gardening to grow your own food is a great way to be able to provide nutrition for yourself and your family without having to go out and wait in long lines at the grocery store. When you garden for food, you know what you put into your crops. Gardening to attract certain animals or insects gives an aesthetically pleasing environment to the eye and a positive contribution to nature. With either form of gardening, to be able to do it successfully is a very self-rewarding adventure that promotes feelings of calm and patience. It is also a form of exercise that can help to work your arms, legs, etc. If you have children, get them involved as this is a great learning adventure.

Learn To Cook New Foods. Discover fun, tasty dishes that are catered to the health of your and your family’s goals. Losing weight, gaining weight, maintaining weight, reducing cholesterol, improving a health diagnosis, etc. are different things you can try. You can even experiment with various colors of food or make fun snacks for the children. There is something for everyone because we all gotta eat!

Revisit Financial Goals. Are you looking to boost that credit score? Start that business you’ve always wanted? Teach your children the value of money? Now is a great time to implement it.

Clean Up. Time to get rid of the cobwebs in the garage, basement, closet, etc. Fix that annoying drawer that won’t close properly. Clean the yard of unnecessary debris, etc.

Organize. One of the things I find annoying is when I’m looking for something and have trouble finding it. This results in wasting time when it can be better spent getting to what you actually want to do. One of the best ways to eliminate this is not only to put things in it’s proper place when finished, but to actually organize. Organize your clothing by putting away out of season clothing in storage bins (example, put Winter clothes away for the Spring season). Use dividers in multi-use drawers. Organize kitchen cabinet food cans, boxes, bags as well as bowls, cups, plates, etc. Organize your garage/toolshed and more. Utilize labels in any organization task if you must! The goal is to make life easier.

Meditate. Take some time out of your day to relax your body, focus on the sound of your breath and focus/clear your mind. There are many guided meditations online that help you relax such as a visualization at a calm beach or more. You can also make one up yourself and have someone read it to you slowly as you visualize what is being said. There are also active forms of meditation such as dancing to instrumentals and letting your mind wander to a place of peace. Children can do this also. Begin with 5-10 minutes or however long you can handle.

Enjoy Your Favorite Tunes. Remember that one song that made you feel so at peace, happy and loving life? Perhaps a song tied to a fun memory that you shared with family/friends? Utilize this time to have fun and reminisce on the ‘good ol’ times’!

Journaling. Note your feelings and thoughts at this time. Are you relieved, anxious, etc.? Make sure to write down at least 9 things you are grateful for daily.

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Spa Day. Have a fun day of relaxing by immersing in a physical self-care and pampering moment. Enhance your bathroom to give you that feeling of peace. If you can, set the mood by burning scented candles and/or incense. If you have some flowers, decorate. You can even have prepared a special drink that you’d like to have in your bath or after you come out. Experiment with different things designed to give your body and mind the love it deserves!

DIY (Do It Yourself) Project. With so many ideas floating around, why don’t you look for something you can do yourself to enhance your home environment? For example, painting a room, a dresser, or creating something that will make life easier around the house. You can also create something that will benefit your health such as an aromatherapy pillow to help you sleep. Get the children involved where age-appropriate.

Take Photos/Videos. Take funny photos or videos having fun and doing silly things with each other and/or pets. Have fun with filters, colors and sounds.

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Finish That Hobby. Now that you have some time on your hands you can go back and work on that hobby you had sitting in your corner forever. Whether it is an art piece, making clothing or more, get on it!

Teach Your Pet Tricks. If they are open and willing see if you can teach them a simple command such as sitting or something more complex such a riding a skateboard (hey, it’s been done before!). If they don’t want to do it, they have their ways of telling you.

Write A Book/Movie/Play Script. How many of us are tired of seeing the same stories played out over and over? What can you create that is different? Which story is in need of telling?

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Study Family History. Try to find out who your ancestors are and their contribution to society. Do you see similarities in interests or line of work you do vs what they did? You may be surprised by what you find. For an extra challenge, see how far back in time you can go.

Board Games. Have some lighthearted competitive fun with other members of the household. Create teams. Bend the rules or add some rules. Just have fun. You can even create your own!

Take An Online Course. There are some paid and free ones that are available. Enhance your skills so that you can be an asset to society or simply enjoy learning something new.

Begin A Workout Routine. It is easy to get lazy when you are in the house feeling like there is nothing to do. Try a new workout to stay fit and healthy. The entire family can join in on things like yoga (even chair yoga!), aerobics, weight lifting and more. Be sure everyone does what they can handle.

Invent Something. What can you invent that will benefit society right now? Ask the children also, you may be surprised by their answers.

Whatever you do, just ensure that it is something constructive and exercises and/or relaxes your body and/or brain. You can also do/create something to make your overall life easier which results in less stress. Most of all, make sure you are enjoying yourself and your family!

Remember to stay active in your self-care!

Much Love,
*~Netert Aset~*

Which of these activities have you done or are planning on doing?
What other activities do you have in mind?

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