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Ask me over a year ago if I would ever go for a chiropractic adjustment and I would look at you like you were crazy. Each time the thought came up I would be reminded of my days in elementary school where people would “crack” their knuckles for fun. I would cringe at the sound and how it looked. I thought it was a strange fixation people had. After all, it sounded like it hurt and I never understood why people felt such a relief from it… until I experienced it for myself.

So when I was invited to a free luncheon and presentation by a family member’s chiropractor, I admit I was skeptical. However, my greedy self decided to take up the offer on the free lunch. LOL At the end of the presentation, we were offered to sign up for a free consultation. In my mind I questioned why I should even go to the chiropractor since I was not in an accident or fall.  However, I did the free consultation anyway because I was curious what they would come up with. Here’s my success story. 

Illustration of human spine with caption: "How Chiropractice Care Reduced My Need For Massages

Consultation Exam

A typical chiropractic consultation exam consists of an x-ray, measuring nerve health and range of motion exercises to determine the type of care you’ll need. I had to wear a hospital gown (tops off, back open) during the process. First my weight was taken by having two scales side by side. I had to put one foot on each. I was 15lbs heavier on my right side. Range of motion exercises included flexibility in moving my neck; chin to chest, then back as far as I could go, then side to side. The back was measured with similar movements going as far as I could with each.

Then I took X-Rays. Here are my results:

X-Rays taken prior to beginning chiropractic treatments. Notice how the cervical spine (neck) is very straight. This is not normal as it should have a curve to support the weight of the head. There is some disc degeneration on Cervical vertebrae 3 and 6 (count from the top with #1). The thoracic (upper mid back) spine has slight subluxation (misalignment). Slight misalignment of the hips were also noted.

I was then instructed to sit straight in a chair and some sort of device called Paraspinal Thermography Unit was used on me. It has wheels on both sides was rolled up along either side of my spine. It measures nerve health and whether or not it may be agitated by subluxation. If it is agitated and inflamed it would give off more heat through the skin than nerves that are not. The following photo is my result from that test.

My Paraspinal Thermography test results prior to chiropractic care showing the varying degrees of nerve function and inflammation. Green is normal, yellow is mild inflammation, orange is moderate and red is severe. You can see that most of my nerves seemed to be operating quite well. Mild inflammation was noted in the cervical (neck) spine, lower thoracic (mid back) and lumbar (lower back).

First Adjustment    

As I waited in the adjustment room I noticed all the diagrams of the human skeletal and nerve system. As I studied, I began to see why I was experiencing certain pains and health issues. I relayed it to my X-Ray which was further explained to me by the doctor on my areas that needed correction. It all made sense. 

Experiencing the first adjustment can really throw you off with the “What just happened?!” look! When I heard my bones “cracking” (fixing misalignment aka subluxation and out of place bones) in so many places, especially with the hip alignment, it was no joke! I was amazed that it didn’t hurt despite how bad it sounded (like 90 bones being broken at once)!  

Right after the treatment I was emotionally “shocked”. Physically, I felt fine, however hours later I felt l was floating. My body was relieved. I swear, I had the best sleep that night. I would’ve never thought that adjusting my spine and hips would have such an effect on my body. I was prescribed treatments twice a week until my next evaluation at the end of the month.

Progress One Month Later 

Significant improvement from 15lbs heavier on one side of my body to only 2lbs! I noticed improved flexibility in my neck along with overall relief from daily tightness. The overall feeling is similar to not thinking you need glasses until you get the new glasses with 20/20 vision. lol I never thought I would say this but I have been enjoying these chiropractic treatments and getting my “back cracked” (realigning out of place vertebrae). I was given a list of simple 5 minute exercises to do daily as a compliment to my treatments. I admit, I slacked, yet with the treatments alone I still feel great improvement! 

Progress Month 2 & 3

Treatments were reduced to once a week.

Progress Month 4 & 5

Treatments twice a month every other week.

Progress Month 6-12

Treatments once a month

Progress One Year Later 

It’s been quite the journey with the chiropractic treatments. My range of motion in my neck is almost 180 degrees! Shoulder and neck pain has been significantly reduced by about 90% as the result of less pressure on the nerves! I love it and I am pleased to share my progress results. 

X-Rays taken after one year of chiropractic treatments. Despite the appearance of very slight adjustment to my cervical (neck) spine, I experience much less pain in my shoulders and neck. Hips are slightly aligned better and my quality of sleep has improved. I feel less tension overall in my entire body.

Reduction In Pain. One thing that I noticed long before this past year’s journey is that my need for massage therapy has dramatically decreased. I no longer feel all that pain in the shoulder area. All this time I thought it was just tight muscles when in reality it was pinched nerves from the subluxation in my cervical (neck) spine. I had pinched nerves because I lacked the natural curvature in my cervical (neck) spine (as noted in first x-ray) which helps the spine carry the weight of your head. Chiropractic care helped to realign my cervical spine which helped heal the inflammation of pinched nerves by releasing that pressure.

Improved Spinal Alignment. Even though the x-ray differences seems subtle compared to the first you can see how the curvature in my neck is slightly forming. It is that slight adjustment that made such a huge indifference in how I feel today! This improved alignment in my spine is now helping all the signals and blood flow between organs, glands and brain to better communicate with each other (refer to nervous system diagram). When blood flow is operating optimally, nutrients that are taken into the body can also get to the organs and glands easier which helps to stay optimally healthy.

Nerve Function Improvement. The following is the result of the paraspinal thermography exam done one year later. (My apologizes if the photo is not clear)

The results of my nerve function using the Paraspinal Thermography Unit one year after receiving chiropractic care. Green lines represent good function, yellow represents mild inflammation, orange represents moderate and red represents severe. As you can see, my nerves are mostly green and working well as the result of proper spinal alignment. There is still room for improvement.



Until being introduced to chiropractic treatments, I had no idea how much of a life changer it would be. Prior to it all, my typical go-to pain relief was to get massage therapy through someone else or myself. Not knowing the benefits of going to the chiropractor, I had severely underestimated it’s benefits. Daily activities such as being hunched over on our phones and computers, long driving periods and accidents can contribute to spinal subluxation and severe pain. Now, I have a better understanding of the root cause and how to address it through treatments.

I have noticed an increased range of motion, especially in my neck. I feel much more looser and relaxed in my movements and daily activities. I am able to work longer on the computer without pain and my sleep quality has definitely improved. 

Should you go to the chiropractor? I do say if you have not experienced going to the chiropractor, try going for a consultation and see if you may need it. I have seen people of all ages getting chiropractic care, from babies (whom may have experienced subluxation during the birth process) to 90 years young ladies. If there are things you don’t understand, ask your doctor to clarify. In the U.S. certain places will take insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid.  Just make sure you speak with your primary care physician or certified healthcare professional prior to making the decision to go.

Whether you choose chiropractic care or not, it is important that we look after our spinal health. After all, it is the literal backbone of our physical existence.

Much Love,
*~Netert Aset~*

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