Greetings! I am Netert Aset and I am the Founder of Thrivers Inspire Healing. I have studied and utilized various forms of healing and medicine which was inspired by my own journey with lupus, end stage renal disease and healing. I have a B.S. in Psychology and have experience teaching children from the toddler years through elementary education.

Prior to that, my inquisitive mind as a young girl was fed well with access to many books and encyclopedias at home in which I enjoyed reading often. Although I am open to studying almost any topic, my favorites involve health, natural science, religion, psychology and various cultures & languages. I loved watching documentaries and still do to this day.

Researching practical solutions to problems that are meant to be properly applied is a key goal of mine. I do my best to implement this in my personal life as well as helping others who wish to do the same, hence, the creation of Thrivers Inspire Healing. 😀

Comedy is one of my favorite medicines to utilize as I say it is one of the few that gives immediate pleasure. 😀 I also enjoy cooking and eating a variety of foods from around the world. 😋 My music tastes are similar, yet instrumentals are at the top of my list such as Jazz, African drumming and more. I am always open to connecting and growing together with like minds so please feel free to send me an email.

Netert Aset in a teal, yellow and purple print African dress.Netert Aset in a tulip garden smelling a tulip flower.