How Drinking Water Can Save Your Life

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You have begun a new regimen to improve your health and you’d like to improve your water intake. That’s a great start! You already began by declaring you will drink a few gallons of water a day. Yet, for most people this is detrimental to your health! Believe it or not too much water can be just as harmful to your body as not getting enough. Therefore, consuming a healthy amount of clean water can help you to improve and maintain your well-being.

The following information will allow you to have an idea of why drinking water is so important to our health, how much we should have daily and so forth.

Disclaimer: Remember to consult your doctor prior to starting a new health regimen.

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Nurtures Our Blood

As much as oxygen is needed for the overall health of our cells, so is water. Without it our blood cannot be in its optimal state. It would be difficult for our bodies to function at its full potential.

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Helps Blood Homeostasis
Water is vital for our blood (and plasma between blood cells) to maintain its volume, keep a steady blood pressure, and regulate body temperature. It also aids in the transport of various nutrients throughout our bodies. Without our bodies receiving the necessary nutrients we can suffer from malnutrition which can result in anemia, cramps, bone loss, etc. Water is important for nutritional transport.

Manages Blood Sugar
Drinking beverages with lots of sugar often can actually make you feel thirstier as sugar. Too much sugar can actually cause water retention in areas throughout your body such as your legs, abdominal, etc. due to increased insulin release. This also throws off electrolytes causing more adverse issues. If your blood glucose level is very high, drinking water will help to bring that down. Ultimately, replacing frequent sugary drinks and opting-in for fresh water may help to reduce this.

Improves Organ Function

The health of our blood stream plays an important role in ensuring our organs are fed properly. It only makes sense that water aids in this process. Without it, many adverse health events can occur. Consuming water can prevent and, in some cases, reverse certain imbalances from dehydration due to lack of water and nutrients. Here are just some examples of how organs greatly benefit from daily adequate water intake.

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Water is vital to the health of our kidneys as it helps them make urine which releases any excess electrolytes and other bodily wastes. Adult bodies typically have about 60-70% water. Kidneys help to keep that balance. Too little water can result in kidney stones, imbalanced hormonal function, and/or overall kidney damage.

Our intestines have cells called aquaporins that allow water to be quickly and easily absorbed into our bodies, thus allowing all cells to be appropriately hydrated. Adequate water can help prevent constipation.

Liver & Gallbladder
The ability to metabolize supplements, medicines and remove toxins is a major function of our livers. Bile, which is important for proper digestion, including processing fats, is produced here. About 90% of bile is made up of water.

By keeping our blood and organs properly hydrated through water and nutrients, we can ensure we are able to live as healthy as possible. However, one thing that is often not clear to those who are just taking on a healthier lifestyle is knowing how much water to drink daily.

How To Get Enough Water Daily

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One of the factors we must take into consideration when determining how much water to consume is our level of activity. When exercising we have to take in more because we sweat. If it’s hot enough outside where you are sweating, you also have to drink more water. The following intake amount is determined with normal activity.

Children Ages 1-3 = 1.3 Liters/per day
Children Ages 4-8 = 1.7 Liters/day
Women Ages 19-70+ = 2.7 Liters/day
Men Age 19-70+ = 3.7 Liters/day

*33.81oz = 1 Liter

Please refer to National Institutes of Health for other populations such as babies, pregnant, and elderly people.

Eat Water-Based Foods

Water intake is not only limited to what you drink but also the number of water-based foods you may consume such as watermelons, cucumbers, soups and more.

Water On the Go

To prevent dehydration, bring water whenever you are traveling such as when you are walking outside, riding in a car or public transport. You should also bring or have access to clean water when going to work. Be sure to take small sips throughout the day even if you are not thirsty. It’s better to prevent thirst prior to feeling it than to wait until you start feeling bad.

It is evident that water is a highly important nutrient for our bodies to consume daily. It helps our bodies to function properly and reach towards homeostasis. Ultimately, water in itself is not enough to keep us hydrated. In fact, true hydration involves keeping our bodies’ electrolytes in balance in addition to drinking water. Check here, if you’d like to learn more about which levels of electrolytes are necessary for your proper hydration. Drinking water is necessary to help your body absorb electrolytes better to function at its best.

Remember to stay active in your self-care!
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  1. Drinking more water is always on my new year’s resolution. Most time I fall off the tracks with my daily goals. You blog has inspired me to make more effort in ensuring that I drink more water this week. Thanks for sharing the many health benefits of drinking adequate amounts of water each day.

  2. I know I need to do more to drink more water, but is it really almost 4 litres of water per day for men? That seems like a lot. I struggle to get reach 2 litres of water a day. I have no idea how I could reach almost 4 litres a day. I don’t eat much food that has a high concentration of water. I think I’ll stick with trying to do two litres consistently for now, then think about how to almost double that

    1. Yes, just do what you are able and consult your doctor on the best way you can increase your water intake. These are numbers based on U.S. requirements.

  3. Drinking water is so important!! I try to drink enough everyday. Thanks so much for sharing this helpful info!

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