Deep Breathing Yoga: Benefits & Techniques (VIDEO)

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When practicing yogic exercises, many individuals go in with the intention of improving flexibility, clear the mind or commune with like-minded individuals. Those are all great things as they serve their purpose in their own right. However, the practice can be maximized by utilizing the breath correctly. In my experience attending multiple yoga classes in different locations, I have found many students neglect to utilize their breathwork while doing the practice. To me, this actually reduces the full benefit of the exercise.

Yoga is more than just doing stretches and being able to hold an intense pose longer than you were able to before. Yoga is an entire practice that is designed to bring into harmony your body, mind and spirit. The breath allows you to focus and achieve this.

Our breath is vital to our well-being. Not only does proper breathing help to regulate negative, intense emotions, but it also helps to nurture our cells and overall well-being.

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In the following video I outline the importance and multiple benefits of deep belly breathwork while doing yoga. I also share my experience and results with it and how it is helped my body in multiple ways.

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Remember to stay active in your self-care!
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