8 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

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It’s the Spring season and in usual fashion, people focus on Spring cleaning. The first thing that comes to mind is cleaning out your closet of old clothes, donating them and doing a deep cleaning of your home (which is great to do!). Yet, Spring cleaning is really about clearing things and situations that no longer serve you and your goals in life.

Why We Need to Spring Clean Our Lives
Clearing the cobwebs in all areas of your life helps to relieve you of unnecessary weight on your shoulders and baggage you may be carrying (such as fear, doubt, regret, etc.)  so that you can replace it with things that you desire such as courage, confidence, happiness, etc.

There are a variety of methods in which we can implement this cleansing throughout our lives. From our physical environment to our inner workings of emotional and mental state, here are 8 ways in which we can help to Spring clean our lives.

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Physical Cleansing
Cleansing our environment and our inner physical bodies can help us feel more balanced and focused on our goals. Here are a few ways in which you can do that.

Home Cleansing

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Yes, cleaning your home/workspace is a great start to get you in that mood. If you are feeling overwhelmed in where exactly to start, first begin with 9 deep breaths and tackle the easiest room first. For example, if you wish to begin with your living room start by clearing off the shelves/tables of unnecessary clutter and cleaning them down. After, you may find a way to organize things such as putting the remote in its proper place by the sofa or TV and organizing the entertainment center. I go through all the rooms in the home here. So, feel free to check it out for inspiration.


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You may be thinking ‘how can exercise help to spring clean my life?’ However, you’ll be surprised at how certain exercises can help. There are theories and research that suggests any traumas we’ve experienced in our lives are remembered by/stored in our bodies. Certain movements such as dancing and running can help. In my personal experience, yoga was a major player in my cleansing experience. I had shared my story here on my first yoga class. It was a specific posture that I had no idea was targeting the inner organs including my kidneys. As I eased into the pose, I remember tears started flowing from my eyes. At first, I didn’t fully understand because I’ve never experienced that before. It wasn’t until I realized what was happening that I did. Considering my experience with lupus and end stage renal disease, it began to make sense to me why showing my kidneys that love and care at the time allowed me to release the traumas and fears that was chemically stored there.

Clean Eating

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Eating is such a complex topic for so many. Meals are tied to our memories and emotions from our childhood such as birthdays, weddings, (i.e. cake, favorite auntie’s meals, etc.). It can also be connected to negative emotions such as when you feel sad, and you reach for the unhealthy meal to release those positive chemicals in your body. Yet, the junk food can be harmful to our bodies if consumed on a regular basis. It can make you feel bad in more ways than one. However, there is another way to help clear certain negative issues by way of a very scientific and methodical way. From the times we eat, how we cook our food, the sources they come from, eating certain foods can agitate our bodies (i.e. food intolerances/allergies) or help heal our bodies such as in both physically and mentally feeling good after a GREAT TASTING FULFILLING HEALTHY MEAL. In this video here I go over the various factors that can help us do better for ourselves.

Also, keep in mind that many people enjoy eating with the seasons such as eating lighter during hotter months and heavier with colder months. Also, seasonal detoxing is a thing. Please check with your healthcare physician prior to making those changes to your health regimen as everyone is different.


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This is another favorite thing that I love. Again, you can give your body the chance to release built up tensions that your you may be subconsciously holding onto. It is commonly known that we can hold a lot of tension in our shoulders, for example, so tackling that area may be a great start if your massage therapist feels the same way. Another thing that may be closest to getting a massage but isn’t one is ASMR videos. Here I show the research by those who studied and love it why it helps them to relax and relieve tension.

Mental/Emotional Cleansing
As I mentioned earlier, we must also focus on Spring cleaning beyond just the physical because this is an entire cleansing, not just a physical cleaning of our homes and workspaces. The following are a few ways we can do this.


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Believe it or not, from the many individuals I’ve spoken with, this is an especially hard thing to deal with in the emotional releasing process. If anyone has done you wrong in any way shape or form, it is best to forgive them so that you don’t carry that baggage. Whether you do it in front of them or write a letter that you will never send, doing this can help. Also, note that self-forgiveness plays a role in Spring cleaning your life. Forgive yourself for times you did not honor yourself such as if you said ‘yes’ to things you did not want to do for others. Forgive yourself for not giving yourself the best life you could. Here is a method I’ve used for myself in my healing.

Stream of Consciousness

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Sometimes different avenues in which we express ourselves can also be avenues in which we can release negative emotions. One way is a stream of consciousness. Now if you don’t know what that is, it is basically when you just start putting the pen to paper and write every thought that comes to you…even if you start with, ‘I’m writing on this piece of paper just because I feel like writing on a piece of paper.’. As you continue, more thoughts can come pouring out and sooner or later, the deepest thoughts or things that have been bothering you will be released. You can read it later after you feel like you’re done writing and look at your thought patterns and how you’ve thought the way you did. A stream of conscious can also come through a drawing or painting. The point is to let all your thoughts and feelings simply pour out.

Release & Let Go

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Another method I enjoy and would like to share with you also involves writing but is a bit different. On a piece of paper, write everything down that you would like to release. You can write something like “guilt”, “doubt” or “jealousy”. Once you do so you can rip up the paper and trash it. After that you can then imagine your life peaceful and you accomplishing all your health and other goals in your life.

Talk Therapy/Counseling

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Going to a professional therapist who can look at your situation objectively can help you sort out what’s going on that may be the core of your stress and baggage. They can pinpoint certain areas and themes that consistently come up in your life and help give insight on why that is the case. The added bonus is that they are qualified in being able to guide you through some methods that will help you heal. It is true that it is possible your first therapist may not be the best match. That’s why I am sharing my journey here on how I went through some therapists that weren’t a match with me, however when I did find the right one the benefits were great!

As you can see, Spring cleaning can include way more than just cleaning our homes, yet that very first step can inspire you to move deeper into your life. It is just as equally important to remove the negativity and baggage from your life as it is to replace that void with something more positive that can feed your health goals. If you are sincere about improving your life and making way for blessings to help fuel your goals, utilizing these 8 methods can help on your journey.

Remember to stay active in your self-care!
Much Love,
*~Netert Aset~*

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What methods will you or are you using to Spring clean your life?

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  1. Wow, what an interesting topic. I could have written something like this if I ever got such an interesting idea. I guess the major difference between you and me is you are 10 steps ahead me in terms of content, writing, creation and presentation. Absolutely loved it. Kudos

  2. Great post! I love how you touched on a lot of areas that we may not initially consider when it comes to cleansing our lives. I also appreciated you mentioning that our bodies may hold on to a traumatic memory. I find the emotion you experienced in yoga so interesting. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Even if we believe we’ve mentally dealt with something, the memory may still remain. I love a post that makes me think. Thank you.

    ~ Cassie | letsgrowmom.com

  3. These are such great tips. Thank you for sharing them. I really want to start yoga and I’ve started eating better! All to help my mental health

  4. I can’t say that physical cleaning is high on my list, but I have been hoping to get back into exercising if it’s possible. I’ve no had the best of luck with that because of my health issues, but I’m hoping I can find something that I can do, because I really need to get back into shape. Great list

  5. I love these ideas to bring some clarity into your routine in Spring! I cleared out my clutter last weekend, and I’ve been finding new joy in my exercise routine. Thanks for sharing x

  6. I am so ready to do this Spring cleaning in many different ways. I definitely want to sort and clean my home, but I really like the idea of sorting out my health and what I am eating—also to do things to help me nurture my mental well-being. Great post!

  7. So true, we can definitely take spring cleaning to a whole other level. I love this multidimensional approach and I totally subscribe it.

  8. I am so glad I found you on Twitter! your article is so true, and something that I am doing this spring. If you wanna join me on my refresh challenge feel free to sign up on my blog. I left the link on twitter. I feel it is important to show yourself some care and refresh your mind, body and soul!

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