10 Ways To Practice Self-Love

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Growing up in society we are often taught to show love to others which is great. Yet, how often do we show love and appreciation to ourselves?

When we show love and appreciation to ourselves, we help to boost our self-esteem and confidence. When we feel good about ourselves, we are more apt to perform better in all aspects of our lives, such as at work and in our homes. We also become better friends, partners, etc.

There is a quote that mentions something along the lines that we cannot pour from an empty cup. How true is this? If we do not take care of ourselves, we cannot be our best for others.

While there are multiple valid reasons for practicing self-love, the ultimate reason should be to feel good and to improve our quality of life.

Ways To Practice Self-Love
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There are several ways we can show love and appreciation to ourselves. Here are some ways that we can do this:

Get Great Sleep
Clean and organized bedroom (white and brown themed) with night stand on either side and painting overheadYes, you read that right. Getting great sleep has many benefits. Physically, great quality and quantity amount of sleep can give your body the chance to heal/relieve some ailments such as some pains or wound healing. Sleep also benefits our mental health by giving our conscious(awake) brain some rest while our subconscious brain can sort out (or play out) solutions to possible issues we have in life. Admit it, how often have we come up with a solution after “sleeping on it”? For more on getting proper sleep check out these tips here.

Treat Yourself

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When was the last time you bought yourself a small gift just because? If you enjoy flowers or potted plants, get you some! If there is a piece of clothing you never got to buy and you have the opportunity to get it, why not? How about purchasing a book you always wanted to read? Get it. A movie you always wanted to see but haven’t gotten a chance to do it. Sis/brother, what are you waiting for? As many say “yolo”, why not show self-appreciation?

Explore The World

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Taking the time to get out and see the world allows you to experience something you may have never experienced before in many ways. Earth has so many beautiful, unique and mysterious places to experience. Also, exploring music, tasting foods and meeting people you would’ve never met while staying in the same, familiar environment can open your mind. The world is a big place with so much to offer. If we only live once, why should we miss out on the varied ways others live and celebrate life? A vacation is also a great time to relax away from daily stresses especially if you are a hard worker. The only obligation is to explore and enjoy. Take lots of pictures so you can look back on the great/unique memories. You may inspire yourself to make it something you do yearly. Going on vacation and checking out new, pleasant places in nature can help secrete feel good chemicals such as serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine which are great for pain relief, mood regulation and much more.

Positive Affirmations

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It is no surprise that if you ask most people if they can wake up and get to eating breakfast without one negative thought, very few will say yes. In a world where negative thoughts of fear, hate and much more are constantly being pushed by various forms of media, it is no wonder this is the case. Therefore, having a strategy to combat that programming can help. One way is by utilizing positive affirmations. There are studies that prove that properly utilizing positive affirmations have helped people boost confidence, increase self-esteem, improve daily performance and more. Check out these tips on ways to incorporate positive affirmations.

Relaxing Bath
Various Men and women bathing in bubble baths, flowers, gold face masks, etc. entitiled: "Self-Love Stress-Release Bath"Clearly showering and bathing can help to keep you clean, yet there are other self-care and self-love uses for the daily ritual. One way is to create a cozy environment of peace with the bath. Set the mood with your favorite relaxing music such as jazz, classical, R&B, etc. Turn down the lights and turn up the candles around the tub or just use one to give a little dim light. It can involve using certain scented oils that create a feeling of peace to unwind such as lavender. Peppermint can be good for mental clarity such as if you need time to think clearly in a quiet environment. Herbals have been used in this way as well. A relaxing bath can also be a place to just make you feel like enhancing your beauty/image. Relax tight, stiff muscles with Epsom salts infused with these oils. Always consult your physician before beginning any new health regimen.

Eat Well

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The foods we put in our body can be a way to show self-love. When we eat the right foods that keeps us at our healthiest our body can operate at our best. The right foods here can help to boost our immune system. Proper eating can allow us to live long, healthy lives. Eating certain foods can also help to balance serotonin levels which are responsible for regulating our mood, sleep and much more. Cheat foods once in a blue are fine, but we should aways strive to balance our foods for the best. If you’d like, view some factors that can help you make the right eating decisions.

Get “Cute”

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It is true that when we are feeling like we are looking our best that there is a level of confidence that comes along with it. Think back to the time you wore an outfit and felt so good about how it made you feel. You can recreate this anytime you wish. It doesn’t have to be expensive threads, it only has to be what accentuates your best features, no matter what they are. You can also do what you can to take care of the features you do have by nurturing them such as taking care of your skin (here) and keeping it clean.

Enhance Environment

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Having a space where you can operate at your best is a form of self-love. The places you reside the most should always be a place where you feel comfortable enough where you feel free to unwind and relax. If you feel you are in a space where you feel like you cannot think clearly then it’s time to do something about your environment. One way that can help is to clean and organize your home and workspace such as the examples here. By doing this it allows your day to flow easier by knowing exactly where everything is and you don’t have to waste time and frustration looking for something that’s not in its proper place. Also, decorating to fit your tastes and interests can always help to boost your mood, so remember to include that to help you feel better.

Staying Active

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As humans, our bodies are designed to move. We may all have different abilities in this department and that’s ok! There are many benefits to movement such as increased oxygen to our blood cells which promotes better functionality. Another benefit is the release of good feeling chemicals in our bodies such as endorphins which is a good painkiller. When we feel good, we have better self-confidence and love because we show ourselves care. Check out some further ideas on how best to move your body for your ability here.


Forgive Yourself

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Many may not see this as a form of self-love, but it is necessary. Forgiving yourself of not putting your needs first in situations where it was most important is something you most definitely owe yourself. You deserve to have the best and you must remove any blockages that may prevent you from moving forward and living your best life. If you are interested in doing this, you can check out one of my techniques here.

Being able to show love and appreciation for ourselves is a huge key in how we operate and function day to day. When we do various activities that show that we have some sort of care for ourselves it can help to boost our confidence, thus, we improve our daily performance at home, work, with our relationships and more.

Remember to stay active in your self-care!
Much Love,
*~Netert Aset~*

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In what ways do you show self-love and appreciation?

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