11 Exercises For A Healthy Spine (VIDEO)

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Unless you have experienced an accident or a serious injury, you may not have thought about the importance of having a healthy, properly aligned spine. Yet, because our spines contain nerves which are pathways of communication from the brain to various parts of our body it is important we pay attention to this. It helps to keep the body functioning as best as possible.

When the spine is out of alignment (subluxation), due to an accident or even having long-term bad posture, we can potentially damage these nerves. When the nerves are damaged, it can cause severe pain while doing daily activities such as walking, sitting, sleeping. It can also cause tingling in hands/feet. When the nerves are pinched due to spinal subluxation we can experience reduced function throughout the body.

Good spinal health is essential in aiding overall good health of the body.

Here are 11 exercises to help you keep your spine healthy:

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Remember to stay active in your self-care!
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