Lupus (SLE) ESRD/CKD Journey Overcoming Obstacles (VIDEO)

Photo of Netert Aset on the right with caption on the left with a green and yellow background: "Lupus (SLE) & ESRD Health Journey Story

Founder of Thrivers Inspire Healing, Netert Aset, shares her story of diagnosis and how she’s currently doing well despite the journey with Lupus (SLE) and End Stage Renal Disease by way of video. Sharing our stories allow us to let others know that they are not alone in what they have experienced. It allows us to open up dialogue in order to help others on an emotionally supportive level as going through any serious health journey can feel quite taxing.

Please feel free to check out the video and share with anyone whom you’d think may be interested in hearing stories from anyone who has experienced lupus and/or end stage renal disease or chronic kidney disease.

Thrivers Inspire Healing is open for story interviews! If you’d like to share your story please do so here.

Remember to stay active in your self-care!
Much Love,
*~Netert Aset~*

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