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“I was 35 years old when I got back home from the 3 mile walk from work. I was tired and exhausted as usual. It was time to take out the trash and each time I had to do that I was reminded of how serious my health condition was. A bag typically used for gathering fallen leaves in one’s backyard was full of discarded pads and tampons from the month. By this time I was about 90 pounds and no matter how much I ate and took the iron pills as the doctor advised me to do, I was still exhausted, underweight and worst of all, bleeding like crazy!”

This is how Tina introduced me to her story dealing with severe anemia due to excessive menstruation. Typically a woman’s cycle should last from 3-5 days. For Tina, it was the opposite. She would bleed the entire month and have those few days off. So, initially, she did what she thought was right to help her situation. She found some iron supplements to correct her anemia (low hemoglobin/red blood cell count) from the local drug store. She also took some estrogen supplements in hopes that would correct her menstrual irregularities. Molasses and bananas were some foods she added to her regimen in hopes to help bring her iron and overall energy up. She went to her doctor and they recommended that she continue with the iron and keep eating big meals to help with her weight gain and iron rich foods to continue to support the hemoglobin boost.

Mind you, Tina is a naturally small woman. She can only eat but so much in a day. She did her best to eat at least 3 large meals a day consisting of foods such as spinach, beans, steak, etc. with snacks in between such as pumpkin seeds, yet the bleeding continued and her energy was still low. It just wasn’t enough.

One day her job was having a health fair that provided free health screenings. She went with a friend to get checked out. Tina spoke with one of the nurses on site and told them her situation. The nurse suggested she call one of their doctors for a full check-up and second opinion.

Doctor writing on clipboard.

Tina went to her first appointment with the new doctor and got bloodwork done. At her next appointment with him she ended up finding out her iron stores and hemoglobin (red blood cells) were so low that the doctor was amazed that she was alive and walking around at all let alone the miles to and from work 5 days a week! Right off the bat he suggested that she needed some iron and “a good ole hysterectomy,”

Shocked at his apparent insensitive choice of words, Tina angrily declared, “You’re not gonna hysterect- anything out of me!”

The doctor turned bright red with anger and screamed right back, “I’m the doctor so you HAVE to listen to me!”

“Give me the iron, I don’t have all day to fool with you!”

“Alright, fine! Take these pharmaceutical strength iron pills 3x a day,”

She jumped off of the examination table and snatched the prescription paper from his hand and stormed out of the office. All the other patients in the waiting room looked with their eyes wide and bewildered.

Tina was embarrassed, hurt and in a state of disbelief as to why the doctor would suggest a hysterectomy right away and the audacity he had to speak to her in that way as if it was something he happily does routinely. She was also skeptical about the dose of iron the doctor prescribed, as she no longer trusted the doctor to do what was in the best interest of her health. To relieve her worries and fears, she called up a few of her girlfriends and they all went out for fish sandwiches and laughed about the situation to calm her tensions.

The day after, despite what she felt was a wild encounter with the doctor, Tina filled the prescription and began the regimen anyway. Within two days she began to experience severe constipation and upset stomach. The pain was so bad that she was doubled over in bed. She once again, felt something wasn’t right and therefore, being that she is a very spiritual woman, took some time to meditate and consult the Neteru for guidance.

Image by tanya nova from Pixabay

The next day she received inspiration to take each pill and split it in half and take it once a day every other day. Upon doing this regimen she immediately noticed the constipation went away. For a few months after beginning the iron pill therapy the menstrual bleeding significantly subsided for a few months and her energy had increased where she can walk to and from work without feeling too tired. By this time Tina had figured her life was going well because the iron pills were working. She no longer had those unsightly garbage bags of menstrual products to deal with. Her energy was back and she gained a few pounds leveling at about 95 pounds.

Unfortunately she woke up one day with a significant amount of blood soaking underwear and sheets. She panicked as it came as a shock to her as her menstrual was of normal flow for the past few months and all of a sudden, the familiar heavy out of control bleeding began. She felt a sense of desperation as she thought to find a solution once more that didn’t require a hysterectomy. Tina CERTAINLY didn’t want to deal with the last doctor again.

A few days of heavy, clotted bleeding went by before she remembered an old friend who was very much into herbs for over 25 years whom many swear by. Tina decided to call him. Considering he is a man, most women may have been hesitant to give him a call, yet she knows he has a successful track record of helping many individuals with their health issues. He had no qualms of speaking on the topic.

“Hey, I need your help,”

“What’s going on?”

“I’ve been having this severe bleeding issue for months. The doctor wanted to give me a hysterectomy but I refused. He gave me these iron pills. I’m eating the best I can but I’m still having issues. Can you help me?”

“Sure! Here’s what you can do…”

He had given her a formula based on all her symptoms with a very simple, yet strict regimen to follow. The goal was to balance out her hormones to control the bleeding as well as to get her iron and hemoglobin levels up. Tina went to the local herbal shops and implemented the following formula she was given:

Healing Technique
Tina utilized a specific herbal formula that allowed her to correct the severe anemia as well as balance out her hormones and menstrual cycle.

The Formula

Glass teapot of herbs and water with woman taking honey from a nearby glass.
Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

In a large glass container she mixed the following ingredients using a wooden spoon:

  • Shou Wu Chih (17.5FL.oz bottle x 4)
  • Korean Ginseng Extract with Root (16FL oz)
  • Bee Pollen Granules (2 Tablespoons)
  • Royal Jelly (2 Tablespoons)
  • Raw Honey (2 Tablespoons)
  • Grain Alcohol (190 proof – 1cup)
  • Natural Multivitamins (1 cup)

She took 2 tablespoons right after breakfast and another 2 tablespoons after dinner everyday until it was finished.

Successful Healing Result
After a month of taking the formula, Tina’s menstrual cycle has returned to her normal 3 days a month. Her body began to keep the added healthy fats and her muscle tone returned to normal. Her weight went from 95 pounds to her normal weight of 125 pounds. Her hair, nails and eyelashes grew as a result of her overall flourishing health. To this day she continues to take the formula every 6 months just to maintain her hormonal balance and she is doing great!

Remember what worked for Tina may or may not work for someone else. Thrivers Inspire Healing is about sharing personal stories of surviving, thriving and healing as well as info on general well-being in order to inspire others to have hope for their own healing and to take the best care they can in themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Tina and I appreciate her sharing her inspiring story of overcoming her health obstacle as there are many women who suffer from this ailment. If you have your own story of healing, please feel free to do so here and you will soon be contacted

Remember to stay active in your self care!
Much Love
*~Netert Aset~*

Disclaimer: The information in this article is not a substitute for a diagnosis, consultation and/or medical advice with your doctor. Remember to always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any new eating regimens or taking supplements. 

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